Management of Employees' Profile

  • Centralized & Comprehensive Personal profile
  • Employee onboarding, employment history, resignation management
  • A complete record of employment history timeline
  • Unlimited attachments (E.g. contracts, certificates, appraisals, CVs, portfolios)

Quick & Easy Staff Rostering

  • Supports complex business processes (For multiple locations and shifts a day)
  • Real-time synchronization of schedule and attendance
  • Accelerate the process of rostering with one-click in system

Accurate Time-Tracking for Attendance

  • Diverse Attendance Methods: Bluetooth, QR Code GPS
  • Auto-calculate total working Hours for payroll
  • No Shows & Lateness Tracking is suitable for performance review
  • Full record of attendance and time clock history

Simplify Process for Leave Management

  • Compliant With HK Labor Law: support 4/5 paid sick leave and auto-update HK Public & Statutory holidays
  • With high flexibility to customized leave types and leave policies for different employees
  • Customisable leaves approval process with multi-level approval for each office
  • Auto-calculate employee’s leave balance

Reduce Costly Payroll Errors and Productivity Increased

  • Localized payroll modules (local holiday types, leave types, insurance benefits and tax filing)
  • Automatically collects, organizes and calculates all relevant data 
  • Pay the team in minutes via auto-pay file

MPF and Tax Reporting

  • Better manage MPF schemes(monthly remittance dashboard, remittance amount details, MPF remittance statement), including Industry Schemes
  • System automatically generates tax returns(IR56B, IR56E, IR56F, IR56G) that comply with IRD
  • Better manage the business through the comprehensive payroll reports

Real-time HR App

  • Allowing employees to apply for leaves and OT by themselves – saving HR’s time and effort
  • Let employee view & download payslip and tax form themselves via Employee Self Service
  • Real-time view of employee attendance (late/early leave/absence), PC and Apps are always synchronized
  • Scheduled shifts with details instantly viewable on mobile apps, changes made to shifts instantly sync between Web & Mobile Apps
  • Stay connected to manage leave or attendance without restriction

Workstem Facilitates Digital Transformation

Workstem is an all-in-one platform for payroll human resources (HR) management platform that help companies with digitalization. The productivity and accuracy in payroll of our clients have been improved while the time and management cost has been decreased. Our team owns over 40 years in the management of human resources as well as the digital HR system. The practice areas focus on Asia-Pacific including Hong Kong, China, Australia and Singapore etc.

Application Programming Interface

Integrate Workstem with XeroIntegration with Xero can help companies with the salary , MPF and tax synchronously, avoiding the manual error.

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