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It is not difficult to start a company in Hong Kong, and setting up a Hong Kong company can have different benefits:

Hong Kong has a complete legal system

Free inflow and outflow of funds

Unlimited scope of business for Hong Kong company

Simple tax system

Hong Kong Company

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Incorporation of Limited Company / Unlimited Company Service

To assist the bank account opening procedures (according to customer needs)

Acting as Company Secretary Service

Hong Kong Registered Office Address Service

Acting as Designated Representative

Deregistration Service

Hong Kong Company

Difference between Hong Kong unlimited company and limited company

First, let’s understand the difference between forming a Hong Kong limited company and an unlimited company:

Unlimited Company Limited Company
Legal Status
No legal status, only one can own assets and sign contracts in proprietor's name or partner's name
A limited company is a distinct legal entity that is able to enter into contracts in its own name.
Debt and Liability
Unlimited liability, proprietor or partners faces risk of personal liability or even bankruptcy.
Liability of shareholders is limited to issued shares. Company liquidation normally does not affect individual shareholders.
If an unlimited company encounters debt problems, the shareholders and their partners are fully responsible for the debt.
If a company becomes insolvent and needs to wind up its business, it is only necessary to wind up the limited company and the shareholders are not liable.
Hong Kong residents or Hong Kong permanent residents
Hong Kong or non-Hong Kong residents

If the applicant is not a Hong Kong resident, the company secretary must be a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong registered limited company
The proprietor cannot make a contract with the company
Shareholders can enter into contracts with the company and file lawsuits
Cost of Incorporation
Lower, only need to do the tax declaration every year
Higher, accounts and audits are required every year

Difference between Hong Kong Limited Company and Unlimited Company

Hong Kong Company

Set up Hong kong company procedure

By completing the simple process below, CLG Group can help you set up your own company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Company

Step 1

First, choose the type of Hong Kong company that best suits your company:
Once you know the difference between an unlimited company and a limited company, you can make a choice based on your business needs and the risks you can take. Once you have weighed the pros and cons of a Hong Kong limited company and an unlimited company for your company, you can always contact CLG Group for professional advice.

Hong Kong Company

Step 2

Prepare a company name.
It is important to note that the Companies Registry has general requirements for company names in Hong Kong; for example, a Hong Kong company may register both an English name and a Chinese name, but neither a limited company nor an unlimited company may use a combination of English words and Chinese characters to form a name. The last word of the English name of a limited company must also be “Limited”, and the last word of the Chinese name of a limited company must be “有限公司”.

Hong Kong Company

Step 3

Register electronically through the e-services “Register Easy” website
( ) in electronic form; or in printed form at the
Government Offices, 14th Floor, Admiralty Road
documents and the right amount of fees.

  • Incorporation Form – Form NNC1 (for company limited by shares) or Form NNC1G (for company not limited by shares)
  • A copy of the company's articles of association
  • A Notice to Business Registration Office

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Hong Kong Company Incorporation


It is possible. Hong Kong’s company law does not impose restrictions on the nationality of shareholders or directors.

Yes, according to the 2014 New Companies Ordinance, every Hong Kong private company must have at least one director who is a natural person.

If the Hong Kong limited company has only one natural person director, the director cannot be the company secretary at the same time. We can refer related companies to provide company secretarial services in compliance with laws and regulations.

Yes it can. As long as the relevant forms are submitted to the Hong Kong Companies Registry to change the company name, the approval time will be approximately 5 working days after opening a Hong Kong company.

Yes, you can just apply to the Companies Registry when opening a Hong Kong company

The minimum registered share capital of a Hong Kong limited liability company is HK$1, and no capital verification is required