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Benefit of setting up a Macau Company

It has a stable financial system

A Stable financial system will help you to maintain your business in Macau. Most Macau companies are running smoothly because of the stable are reliable financial system.

Ideal Trading Environment

Macau is a business-friendly city that enables Macau companies to trade freely. Macau has become international that suitable for entrepreneurs.

Low Tax Rate

Tax is always the main concern of starting a business. But don't worry about the taxation issues in Macau. The relatively low tax will make your financial status being more smooth.

Tax-Exempt For Offshore Companies

Offshore companies are exempt from profits tax, business tax, inheritance and gift tax, property transfer tax, stamp duty and salaries tax for the first three years

Platform for jumping into Mainland China

Nearby mainland China with convenient transportation, make Macau become a platform for economic and trade cooperation between Mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Incorporation - Macau

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Everything you need to know about Macau Company

Procedures For Macau Company Set Up

Document you have to prepare

Procedures For Macau Company Set Up

All legal and administrative procedures apply to all local and foreign individuals or organizations interested in setting-up a company in Macau.

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Macau Company Incorporation


Business Tax, Complementary Income Tax and Professional Tax

The classification criteria of Group A are as follows:
The registered capital of the company is MOP 10,000,000 or above, or
The company shall complete Form M1 (Simplified Version) and submit its financial statements each year. The Financial Services Bureau will assess the average net profit of the company in the past 3 years and decide whether to classify the company into Group A or not. The Bureau will inform a “Group A” company by letter that it is required to complete Form M1 (Full Version) and have it re-examined and signed by Macau CPA when filing tax returns every year.
The classification criteria of Group B are as follows:
Companies that do not meet the criteria of Group A; or
Non-operating companies

For Group I Taxpayer (person serving others), the employer shall submit the Registration From (Form M/2) of Professional Tax completed and signed by the employee and a copy of his or her identity document within 15 days of employment
Group II Taxpayer (freelancer or professional) is required to submit the Declaration of Business Commencement (Form M/1) of Professional Tax before business commencement

Group I Taxpayer (person serving others and receiving remuneration from more than one employers) is required to report last year’s remuneration or earnings in Return of Earnings (Form M/5) in January to February of each year
Group II Taxpayer (freelancer or professional) who does not have proper accounting preparation is required to report last year’s remuneration or earnings in Return of Earnings (Form M/5) in January to February of each year
Group II Taxpayer (freelancer or professional) who has proper accounting preparation may defer to April 15

In January to February of each year, no matter having employees or not, employers are required to submit to the Financial Services Bureau the Name Form of Employees or Casual Workers (Form M3/M4) of Professional Tax Group I within the statutory filing period. The remuneration or benefits obtained by each staff member in the previous year shall be included in the form.