Benefits Of Setting Up A Business In Anguilla

Confidential Identities

The names of the directors and shareholders are not disclosed and a copy of the register of A shareholders must be kept at the registered office of the company outside Hong Kong

Hague To Be The International Accreditation Agreement

Anguilla company can use Hague to be the international accreditation for your agreement

ZERO Tax Rate

Anguilla is a tax-neutral jurisdiction, all registered companies can enjoy zero tax rate

No Language Limitation Of Naming

Company name can be in any language, if Chinese name is required, additional fee will be charged

No Geographic Limitation For Company Meeting

Company meetings do not have to be held on Anguilla, they can be held by telephone or other electronic means

Requirements For Setting Up A Company In Anguilla

  • Client completes a power of attorney
  • 1-3 registered company names provided by the client
  • Order signed by both parties
  • Provision of relevant information and documents required for Anguilla company registration
  • Anguilla Government Departments Check-in
  • Approximately 10-15 working days to complete company registration

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