Benefits Of Setting Up A Singapore Company

Registering a company is simple, fast and cheap

The entire registration process only takes 3-5 working days, After the company is established, it can operate the business locally or offshore.

Relatively loose tariff and value-added tax policies

Except alcohol, tobacco (including cigarettes), petroleum, and motor vehicles, Singapore is exempt from customs duties on all imported goods. International shipping services and shipping services related to import and export, As well as cargo handling, handling, insurance and other services related to import and export, zero tax rates apply. The rate of GST in Singapore is currently 7%, which is lower than in other countries.

Stable political, economic and trade environment

Singapore has completely removed foreign exchange controls, Holding companies can apply for listing on stock exchanges in many countries, making it easy to raise capital.

No foreign exchange control, free flow of funds

Compared to other Asian countries, Singapore is one of the countries with the most stable political environment, It has a clean image and a highly transparent bureaucracy that attracts foreign investment to Singapore.

Singapore Company Incorporation Conditions

  • At least one director, who must be a Singaporean citizen holding a permanent resident or employment pass*.
  • The company's promoter may be a corporate shareholder (e.g. A holding company) holding shares.
  • Must appoint a local resident as company secretary
  • Local company registered address

Information And Time Required

  • Company english name
  • The original identity card or passport of the director or company promoter, or a copy certified by a certified public accountant, lawyer or notary public
  • The original address proof (e.g. Bank statement, utility bill, gas bill, landline bill, etc.) of the director for the last 3 months, or a copy certified by a certified public accountant, lawyer or notary public
  • No foreign exchange control, easy to raise funds
  • It takes about 7-14 working days to register a brand new company (after receiving all the information and passing due diligence)
  • Note: detailed regulations/information are subject to individual circumstances, please make an appointment to discuss in detail

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