Benefits Of Setting Up A Business In Seychelles

Company Secretary Is Not Required

Finding an independent person to be your legal company secretary is always a challenge for SME. That's why Seychelles is a good choice for you.

Share Transfer Is Easy Without Stamp Duty And Restriction

Seychelles company can easily transfer your company's share, without complicated paperwork and submission.

No Need To Submit Company Account

Creating your account record to the local government will reveal your financial privacy, Seychelles allows you to skip this work.

Tax Exempt If No Operation In Local

If there is no operation in Seychelles, you and your company is not required for taxation.


Only a few documents are needed in order to set up a company. That means the information of the directors and shareholders can be well protected.

Requirements For Setting Up A Company In Seychelles

  • At least one director and one shareholder
  • No minimum capital

Seychelles Company Incorporation Procedures

  • Name check (we need to avoid identical company names as it is not allowed. The company name can be in english and chinese but french or english translation is required.)
  • Submission of documents and payment of fees
  • Registration of the company

For more information on incorporating a Seychelles company, please contact our professional consultants and we will provide you with a FREE consultation.